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Choose a Great Contemporary Furniture for Your Home With These 5 Easy Steps

Pciture of Modern Furniture Want to know what things to consider while choosing good contemporary furniture for your home? Here is your mini guide, in which, we are sharing 5 simple tips to help you to pick up a great looking, durable contemporary modern furniture for your home. Before we begin with the tips, let’s discuss quickly , what is it mean by contemporary furniture and why it is more and more preferred in Read full article [...]

Free Give-Away- New Year Gift To Our Readers

binderlayingopen - Copy Dear reader, We are almost finishing with this year and opening our arms to welcome new year - 2014 :-) We would take this opportunity to THANK YOU for showing so much love and support for this website. As our new year's gift to you, we are offering you our brand new, free report titled "How To Choose The Right Furniture". What this eBook has to offer? It's a 18 Paged PDF min-book which Read full article [...]

Review of ErgoHuman Ergonomic Chair – Premium Quality Mesh-Back Office Chair

ErgoHuman Ergonomic Chair During our times, people spend most of their workweek, sitting at desk for long hours, which makes it very necessary to have the right kind of office furniture. Although comfort factor is important, one should also focus on having an ergonomically correct office furniture which is more important than focusing on aesthetic aspects of the chair. An ergonomic chair can make you feel much better Read full article [...]

BestMassage EC06 – Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Review

EC06 Best Massager In our earlier article, we learnt about shiatsu massage and how in these modern days, we can get a shiatsu massage from the comfort of our homes using a shiatsu massage chair. If you are totally new to the word "shiatsu", then it is a Japanese finger pressing based massage similar to acupuncture. There is a wide variety of shiatsu massage chairs available in the market. You will find numerous models Read full article [...]

What is Shiatsu Massage Therapy and How To Choose a Good Shiatsu Massage Chair?

Shiatsu Recliner What is Shiatsu Massage Therapy? Shiatsu Massage Therapy is a finger-pressure based technique developed in Japan. It is becoming more and more popular all over the world slowly. Shiatsu Massage Therapy benefits from conventional acupuncture healing points (referred as meridian network). The meridian network offers life giving and life-sustaining power to each body part of ours.Meridian network Read full article [...]

Tips for Choosing a Good Home Office Furniture

Man Working from Home Are you one of those who are like to be their own boss? It means that, you are running a business from the comfort of your home :-) Similar to regular businesses, home based businesses also need to achieve good degree of success. And in order to achieve that goal, they need to have a dedicated area in your home to isolate yourself from the home area and provide you with some kind of privacy Read full article [...]

Recliner – A Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones On This Christmas

Christmas Gift Dear reader, Festive season is around and we wish you a Merry Christmas in advance. As we all know the exchanging gifts among family and friends is integral part of Christmas celebrations. Santa claus, dressed in red, arrives at your home with gifts filled in his bag and distributes those to kids. It’s really a nice feeling to give and receive surprise gifts during Christmas. Whatever Read full article [...]

Stressed Out At Work? You Need A Reclining Office Chair and a De-Stress Routine

Worried Office Executive Warning: By no means you should consider that buying a recliner chair will solve your problems related to work or business. However, what's amazing to see here is how relaxing your body and mind will  have profound effect on your office productivity and rejuvenating yourself will better equip you to face challenges and handle them effectively. Because a relaxed mind and fit body leads to enhanced Read full article [...]

Boss LeatherPlus Chair V/S Lorell High Back Chair – Which is The Best Office Chair?

lorell and boss chair In today's post, we are presenting you a head-to-head comparison of two very popular office chairs. Executive High Back Office Chair from Lorell and LeatherPlus Office Chair from Boss. Idea of the post is to share the similarities of both of the chairs as well as differences, so that if you are on the fence for deciding which one to go for, this post might be just right for you :-) Let's Read full article [...]

5 Best Home Office Chairs For Improving Your Productivity

Working from home Home offices are becoming increasingly popular, considering the numerous opportunities that computer industry/internet are bringing into everyone's lives. Basically, there are two kinds of situations where people "work from home". First one being , as a part of company policy (of the company they are working for) , people may choose to work from home, either occasionally or permanently. Second, Read full article [...]